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AgBiz Program Mission Statement

The goal of AgBiz is to increase economic growth in Macedonia through expanded, environmentally sustainable production and sales of value-added agricultural products by enabling producers and processors to compete regionally and globally. This will produce greater incomes for agricultural processors and producers, and ultimately higher revenues for government.

Overview of Project

By developing effective support systems for producers and by strengthening the linkages among producers, processors and their markets, the AgBiz is enabling agribusiness to locate and meet market demand. The better market linkages AgBiz is supporting will reduce transaction costs and increase producers' and processors' capacity to understand and meet the demands of their customers. By supporting growth in the Macedonia economy, AgBiz is:

  • Enabling agribusinesses to understand, identify and enter new export food and beverage markets;
  • Increasing producers' and processors' capacity to understand and meet market demand for value added food products;
  • Enhancing market linkages between producers, processors, and traders;
  • Improving business management and operations the selected agribusiness value chains; and
  • Producing greater incomes for agricultural producers and processors.

The potential accession of Macedonia to the EU in 2011 creates the need to help Macedonian agribusinesses become more competitive to both successfully compete in regional and local markets in an era of more open borders, and to capitalize on enhanced access to EU markets brought about by membership in the EU. AgBiz’s work will therefore also focus on EU accession related competitiveness enhancement.
Since AgBiz is likely USAID’s last agriculture-related program in Macedonia, AgBiz will place emphasis on creating legacy institutions that can carry on agribusiness growth stimulation activities.


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