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Types of AgBiz Support

AgBiz has a range of types of support it can provide to customers to help them enhance their competitiveness in their target markets. They include:

  • Technical Assistance
    either supplied directly by AgBiz staff or consultants, or cost shared with customers from approved sources and at an agreed unit cost - with a preference for the latter.

  • Training
    when several customers, or a group of employees of one customer, need skills enhancement, AgBiz can supply training on competitiveness enhancement subjects, with the trainers being either local or international experts, depending on the type of training needed. Again, local trainers will be used to the extent possible, and training will be cost shared with customers.

  • Marketing Activities
    AgBiz will help customers develop marketing skills or materials that improve the competitiveness of the firm or grouping.  This will most often be achieved via a combination of staff assistance and cost sharing to acquire local business services from BSPs. An example of this type of service would be designing new labels or developing more effective marketing materials in preparation for attending a relevant trade fair.

  • Workshops and Conferences
    when a need is identified to bring together current or potential AgBiz customers to discuss and or learn about a competitiveness enhancement subject, or discuss an opportunity or constraint to a selected value chain, AgBiz will organize a workshop on the subject.  We will place special emphasis on one of the end products of the workshop being an action plan for capitalizing on the opportunity or resolving the constraint.
    MAP Annual Asambly and presentation of Key finding the Survey of the performance of fruits and vegatable processing industry of Negotino (gallery)

    Round table in Hotel Continental (gallery)

  • Policy and/or Institutional Reforms
    as outlined above, AgBiz will work with customers, through relevant associations, to reform policies or institutions that constrain the competitiveness of participants in the selected value chains.

  • Access to Finance
    We will help customers in the selected value chains secure cost and terms effective financing for their projects, as outlined above.



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AgBiz Program First Year Accomplishment (.PDF 748 KB)

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National Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy for the period 2007-2013 (.DOC 1.78MB)


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