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Development of New Varieties of High Quality Peppers

Within its key objectives to enhance the level of integration of fresh fruits and vegetables and processed vegetables (PV) value chains, the USAID AgBiz Program in cooperation with the Macedonian Consulting Group (MCG) and the Center for Applied Research and Permanent Education in Agriculture (CIPOZ) implemented an activity where PV value chain lead actors and their raw material suppliers jointly worked on adoption of new production technologies and development of new pepper varieties.


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Fruit and Vegetables Subsector Standing Groups – A formal channel for public-private dialogue

In accordance with the European Union regulations, Macedonian Law on Agriculture and Rural Development from 2010, prescribes establishing operational Subsector Standing Groups within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE). The goal is to launch sustainable communication channels that will enable regular exchange of information and ideas between the governmental institutions and agricultural sectors’ participants.


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New Market for 480 Tones of Spring Cabbage and Onion

One of the key components of USAID AgBiz Program is to support the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia (Invest Macedonia) and provide assistance through implementation of export promotion activities and stimulation of policies to enhance Invest Macedonia’s internal capacity to achieve its export promotion objectives.


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Balkan’s Community in Australia Can’t Get Enough of Macedonian Processed Vegetable

Overseas markets, particularly Australian due to large com-munities of Balkan’s origin consumers, are becoming increa-singly important for the Macedonian export oriented processed vegetables industry. Traditionally Australian consumers prefer a taste for ethnic cuisines, especially for Indian, South-east Asian, Latin and Mediterranean recipes – currently accounting for 75% of ready meal sales.


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Agricultural Cooperative Successfully Accessed Funds

In a year officially declared as the “International Year of Cooperatives” by UN (United Nations), USAID AgBiz Program through its Access to Finance component supported growth of agricultural cooperative Organic Agro Farma.


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