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Taste of Macedonia at Fruit Logistica 2013

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, USAID AgBiz Program supported 10 Macedonian companies to participate in Fruit Logistica 2013, the leading international fresh produce trade fair, in Berlin, Germany from February 6 to 8. The comapanies Turan, GD Tikves, Agrolozar, Permindeks, Ksenos, Eko Oaza Samandov, Agro Kalem, Zito, Fruta Grozd and Badzo exhibited at the joint stand under the name “Taste of Macedonia”.


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USAID Opens New Export Opportunities for Macedonian Fruits and Vegetables Producers

The export of fresh produce has significant impact on the overall Macedonian agricultural sales. Although in the recent years some companies managed to enter and expand their sales on different international markets, the main export destination for Macedonian fresh produce remains to be Ex-Yu markets. During the last decade Macedonia’s export to those markets was significantly reduced mostly due to the increased competition from other domestic and import suppliers, changed consumer preferences and rapid diversification in quality and new varieties of fresh produce.


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Contract Farming – Partnership for Success of Processed Vegetables Value Chain

In order to improve overall welfare of the farming community through stabilizing sales of their horticulture products as well as to secure stable quantities and quality of raw materials for the processing industry, the USAID AgBiz Program in cooperation with the Macedonian Consulting Group (MCG), Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE), Foundation – Agro Center for Education (FACE) and Federation of Farmers of Republic of Macedonia (FFRM) conducted extensive activity for implementation of Contract Farming. The model aims to strengthen and sustain vertical linkages between all value chain participants and to set the solid base for long-term incorporation of the Integrated Supply Chain Concept in Macedonian agribusiness.


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